I’m Quincy, an actor, improviser, photographer, arts producer, singer-songwriter, and amateur cook/hopeful chef in Los Angeles.  I’ve been cooking since I was six, mostly out of necessity of being a latchkey kid. Over the years, my interest in cooking continued to grow; between my college years and today, I’ve developed a renewed passion for not only cooking, but also improving my technique, expanding my skillset, studying gastronomy, and exploring all the different food the world has to offer.

I grew up in a Thai-American household in a very diverse predominantly Asian-American community in Cerritos, CA (a suburb in the Los Angeles area). This was followed by four years in Santa Cruz, where I attended the University of California, before returning to the ever-evolving culinary world of Los Angeles. The foundation of my cooking has a strong Asian-Pacific and Californian influence, but as I cook, learn, and eat more, I’m hoping to forever keep expanding my tastes and my styles.