Food for the Soul

[common ground] has invited me to feature at their space in Santa Ana once again, and this time the theme is "Food for the Soul." As I develop new written pieces for it, I realize:

I haven't written much about food.

I also realize that I have this whole food blog sitting idly by.

While I figure out how to rectify the sin of having only posted thrice in two years, here's what I sent them on my thoughts of what constitutes "Food for the Soul". It'll have to do in place of a depth of content for now:

Food is our everyday--it's how we sustain, share, connect, explore, remember, celebrate, reflect, create, and cope. As such, anything and any time that allows us to do any of those things is the food for the soul:

It's that look outward into a new city, that moment you realize you're in love, the way-past-my-bedtime contemplative hour, memories of sunny afternoons during a summer that still meant vacation, the intention of community in creating an art space, the lush warmth of hearing vocal harmonies come together, reluctant tears held in by eyes squeezed shut, drowsy conversations that end in ellipses, the final words to a freshly penned song, the slow sip of tea on a morning without obligation, and the shared smiles that follow first glances.

Let's savor every meal, split a dish with friends, and don't be afraid to try your hand in the kitchen.

Currently Eating: Two fried eggs with a dash of fish sauce Currently Craving: A hearty beef bourguignon